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Hi! I’m Rose Greenstein, a graphic designer/production desginer from New York City. I am experienced working on all project phases—from concept through execution. I’m an intrepid question asker and conceptual thinker. I believe strongly in the power of humor, caffeine, and great customer service.

I’ve always loved art and got hooked on design while working at a museum. I have a graphic design degree from Pratt and find inspiration at farmers markets, bakeries, and on city streets. I also hold a B.A. in English & Art History from the University of Michigan and have marketing and sales experience, in addition to hand crafting skills too.

Additionally, you’ll find I come well-equipped with fun animal facts, thanks to a stint as a volunteer zoo guide at the Central Park Zoo.

Please do get in touch ~ about a job or just to say hello. And if you have a moment, check out my craft blog.